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Phottix-INDRA 360 TTL Monolight Battery Kit-Studio Lighting Kits

Type: Monolight

Contents: Phottix Indra 360 TTL (x1)1 - S-Mount Reflector (x1)1 - Bag (x1)1 - Battery...


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ProMaster-2 Light AC Softbox Kit - 20" x 20" #1984-Studio Lighting Kits

Type: Softbox Kit

Contents: 2x Front diffusers for softboxes (removable), 2x AC Softboxes (20" x 2...


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ProMaster-LED1000B Specialist LED 2 Light Transport Kit - Bi-Color #1882-Studio Lighting Kits

Type: Light kit

Contents: 1x 1706 wireless remote control, 2x Ultra soft diffusion panels, 2x Frosted...


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ProMaster-VL380 LED Studio Light #2444-Studio Lighting Kits

Type: studio lighting kit

Contents: AC Adapter, Double-diffused softbox, 7.75" Reflector, ProMaster VL380 LED S...


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Savage Universal-500 Watt LED Studio Light Kit-Studio Lighting Kits

Type: Studio Lighting

Contents: (2) 250W LED studio lights(2) Umbrella sockets and 9' power cords(2) 33...


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