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Honl Photo  HONL-SNOOT5 Speed Snoot 5''  

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Brand:  Honl Photo

Type of Accessory:  Snoot


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Honl Photo-HONL-SNOOT5 Speed Snoot 5''-Miscellaneous Camera Accessories


Type of Accessory



Concentrate the light from your shoe-mount flash for dramatic cinematic lighting with our easy to use snoot. Perfect for everything from dramatic portraits to concentrating light on background elements. Attaches and removes in seconds using my popular Speed Strap (not included, see below). Made of tough ballistic nylon with grey interior that produces a soft falloff. Fits most any on-camera shoe-mount strobe including Canon 420 through 580 and Nikon SB24 through SB900. 5" long. Exclusive Patent Pending design.

Speed Snoots are adjustable to fit a wide variety of flashes, including Canon's 430 to 580 Speedlites and Nikon's SB24 to SB800 Speedlights. To check fit for other flash brands and models:

Measure the outside circumference of your flash, then add 1.25" (32mm) for the added thickness of the required Speed Strap. If your final measurement falls between 8.5" (21cm) to 10.5" (27cm) the Speed Snoot will fit properly on your flash.


Nikon SB-800, Nikon SB-27, Nikon SB80-DX, Nikon SB800/800DX, Nikon SB600DX, Nikon SB50DX, Nikon SB400, Nikon SB28/28DX, Nikon SB24/25/26, Canon 480G, Nikon SB600, Canon 580EXII, Canon 580EX, Canon 550EZ, Canon 550EX, Canon 540EZ, Canon 430EZ, Canon 430EX


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