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Product Specifications

ProMaster  Professional Fluid Head - FH-20 #3746  

Main specs

Type:  Fluid

Maximum Load (kg):  6.0 kg

Panning Range (degrees):  Not specified


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ProMaster-Professional Fluid Head - FH-20 #3746-Tripod Heads
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Height (cm)

9.0 cm

Weight (kg)

0.72 kg

Tilting Range (degrees)

Not specified

Panning Range (degrees)

Not specified

Plate Type

Quick Release

Additional Features

The ProMaster FH-20 Fluid Video Head is precision machined from lightweight alloy materials for the perfect combination of weight, strength, and durability. The ultra high quality finish and exceptional construction will ensure long-lasting, smooth operation.
  • Mid-size pan head
  • Separate pan and tilt controls for a high level of precision
  • Precision engineered quick release system
  • 38mm quick release plate
  • Bubble level
  • 15 degree markings

Head mount thread type


Maximum Load (kg)

6.0 kg


not specified

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